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Fasting For Health and Longevity

Fasting is one of the most powerful ways to promote health and longevity. This ancient healing method is incredibly accessible and with a wide range of adaptations. There is a style of fasting that can benefit every single person. With proper guidance, everyone can reap the benefits of fasting.

Supporting Cellular Cleanup and Repair

Dr. Daniel Pompa The human body is a miracle of engineering. Every day it creates, uses, and replenishes about 80 lbs. of ATP – your body’s main energy source. That ATP powers 37 trillion cells, and those cells form millions of biological systems that work in constant cooperation, making and using the fuel that powers […]

The Importance of Enhancing Redox Signaling in Functional Medicine

Julianne Trimble The Huffington Post recently named redox signaling technology as one of five emerging technologies in science that will shape our lives in the coming years.  Although redox signaling molecules have been around since life began on earth, it wasn’t until 1998 when Drs. Furchgott, Ignarro, and Murad were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize […]

The Future of Healthcare: Why We Need a Female Focused Paradigm Shift

Kathryn Kos, NTP, M.Ed We have a dream of what healthcare should look like. We fight for a functional approach to wellness and treating the root cause rather than symptoms alone. However, what about our male-focused approach to clinical trials and patient care? The current model of research and medical protocols is male-centered, and the […]