Transformation of the Self Through the HCF Community

The modern healthcare system and societies of the West alike have settled into a deeply disconnected place. Modern medicine dissects people into parts, labeling illnesses based on the pain of individual areas. In society, we build fences between houses and are increasingly strangers to those who live in our very neighborhoods. This transition from ancestral, communal living and whole-person healing to where we are today have come with a wide range of illness both physical and mental. As purveyors of multi-therapeutic, whole-person medicine, the Platinum Practitioners group aims not only to treat the whole person but also reinstate a community within the group, to learn and grow together. 

With core values like harmony and faith, this group of practitioners comes together as a community to learn from one another for the greater good of their practices, their family, their clients, and themselves. Today we will explore Dr. David Wardy’s experience as a Platinum Practitioner and the ways in which it has revolutionized his individual wellbeing through the power of community.


HCF Platinum Elite Practitioner

What initially drew Dr. Wardy to the Platinum group was an eight-year struggle with his wife’s autoimmune disease. They had hit a dead end with her healing, and in searching for answers they discovered Dr. Pompa’s work and the community that is HCF.  Although battling with their family health issues for almost a decade was no small feat, they quickly learned from Dr. Pompa that there are no mistakes when you’re on your journey to get well, there are just ineffective solutions. In a very short amount of time, the Wardy’s realized that their finding HCF community was going to completely change not only her health but both of their lives for the better.

Since joining the Platinum Elite group, Dr. David Wardy’s outlook on health and his mission as a practitioner was completely transformed. Prior to joining, he was on auto-pilot– ticking the boxes but not trying to re-invent the wheel. Since going Platinum Elite, David’s life and practice have skyrocketed and his run-of-the-mill mindset shifted drastically. As his own paradigm and understanding of health transformed, his passion to inspire that same shift in the community and the world did too.

“When you immerse yourself with individuals like this, it just brings out that growth and the best in you,” Wardy explains. “The thing I love about Dr. Pompa is the simplicity and accessibility of his message,” he continues. “The healing is there for everybody and it is, but the way he gives his message and the way he can communicate on that level with people and help them believe that it’s there for them, that’s priceless”.

Community values are at the core of HCF, and by coming together as practitioners, doctors are able to share their triumphs and trials. Together with the guidance of wise mentors in the field, the entire group can grow together to serve the wellbeing of their clients and families. “The Platinum Program has helped us attain everything that we’ve been looking for through the community,” shares Dr. Wardy, and indeed his relationships within the HCF family have set him on a new trajectory career-wise.

David Wardy met Dr. Nick Jensen through the program, and together they started a podcast last November. About 13 episodes in, the two are interviewing giant speakers and helping unlock not only their own potential but all of their listeners as well. David is also working on Neurolink projects with another member Dr. Jim Bentz, immersing himself in worlds he didn’t even know existed.


The power of community has led Dr. Wardy on a deep quest for self-development and fulfillment. Being a part of such an empowering community of like-minded practitioners has enabled him to explore not only his own practice but also his life path and potential as a human being.

One of Dr. Wardy’s most profound experiences as a Platinum member occurred during a ‘breakthrough session’ with Dr. Chris Zaino. During one of these talks, Dr. Wardy had a deep visceral response to Dr. Zaino’s talk that completely shifted his perception of concepts of hero, ego, pride, and humility. This shift was profound for his practice but ultimately came from the shift it causes inside of him. “The biggest change in my practice from before and now,” Wardy explains, “I would honestly say is… is me. My wife and I run our practice together and she’s a big part of our success and from the moment we started with HCF, we’re different people now. I feel like the people that we are now compared to just two years ago, I don’t recognize those people anymore. I have this amazing amount of openness with my heart to people now that I just didn’t have before and that’s one of the biggest things that HCF has brought out of me”.

Unlike programs Dr. Wardy had taken in the past, HCF is ever-evolving alongside its practitioners. “There’s an opportunity there and it’s constant,” Wardy explains, “It’s like you do one thing and you’re like, “Okay, what’s next?” And then, “What’s next?” And then you just get addicted to this growth that you’re experiencing”.

As Above, So Below

It’s impossible to separate the microcosm from the macrocosm, and at HCF we aim to surround you with a family and wealth of knowledge so that you can grow not only your practice but also your person. We understand that the success of a multi-therapeutic functional medicine clinic is in of itself a multi-faceted task. By providing you with the wisdom and support of a strong and loving community, we’re here to empower you to thrive as an individual and within your practice.

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