With a background in nutrition, Dr. Lee Nagel entered the practitioner world with the intention of healing through food. It wasn’t long until Lee realized that although noble, his skill set didn’t equip him to deal with some of the more complex cases like his grandfather’s dementia and Alzheimer’s. Today we will explore the ways in which the Nagel family practice has transformed thanks to the Platinum practitioners group, by surrendering to the power of truth guided by innovation and community.


The Power of Truth

In modern times, there seems to be an increasing inability to admit fault or error. Especially in the world of health, it is common for practitioners to cling to their single, familiar healing method even if it may be outdated or inappropriate for their patient’s individual needs. As modern science continues to innovate and we become more aware than ever about the bio-individuality of needs thanks to fields like epigenetics, it becomes more important than ever to expand our horizons and admit when we haven’t got the answer.


One of the Platinum groups core values in truth, and a willingness to challenge and course correct. As functional medicine practitioners, the mission of this group is to turn pain into purpose– to overcome hardships and growing from sickness and disease. In an ever-increasingly sick world, we aim not to suppress symptoms, but to address the root causes of disease. This oftentimes requires a multi-therapeutic approach that simply isn’t taught in any one specific educational program.

Food As Medicine

When Dr. Lee Nagel certified himself as a chiropractic wellness practitioner in the mid-2000’s, his intentions to heal clients naturally were pure. His life had brought him to a point of belief that food is medicine, and that by correcting their diet he would be able to heal his patients of their various ailments. 


Although he wasn’t wrong to know the power of food when it comes to healing, Lee quickly realized that his toolbelt didn’t contain the tools needed to address more complex cases like his own grandfather’s Alzheimer’s and dementia. 


Within the first five years of Lee’s practice, his grandfather’s condition worsened to the point of not remembering who he was. This was an awakening moment for Lee, who was forced to reevaluate his understanding of what healing truly meant. This moment was a crossroads in which he was given the opportunity to re-examine his own truth, and instead of clinging to his reality, Lee decided to dive into the unknown and explore his potential instead of forcing his patients into a one-size-fits-all paradigm of wellness.

Embrace Imperfection

After joining the Health Centers of the Future Platinum Inner Circle, there isn’t any expectation of perfection. This group of elite practitioners comes together with the intention of helping one another overcome challenges through innovation– which comes with an acknowledgment of imperfection. Since every case is different and every patient requires a specific approach, practitioners of the group are able to rely on the experience and wisdom of others to grow their own skillset. In some of the most difficult cases, experts like Dr. Daniel Pompa and Warren Phillips lead the charge on innovating the field itself.


The Platinum Group is finding answers in areas of health where many conventional practitioners find no resolution. For Dr. Lee Nagel, this included a treatment plan to improve the symptoms of his grandfather’s neurodegenerative disease. It was Dr. Pompa’s innovative True Cellular Detox method that actually drew Lee to the Platinum group to start with because the protocol has such a profound impact on his grandfather’s health.


By surrendering to a greater truth, and relying on the wisdom and innovative spirit of the Platinum group, Lee was able to start exploring new modalities of healing for all of his patients. As his horizon expanded, so did the success of his practice.


The Platinum Practitioners group enabled Lee and his wife Erin to take their practice to the next level. Erin runs the detox program at the clinic, following the True Cellular Detox protocol, which has opened their doors so some more serious cases including childhood autism, autoimmunity, chronic pain, and neurodegenerative disorders. These difficult cases are the cornerstone of the Platinum group’s shared mission to help even the sickest people.

Beyond Protocols

Ironically, the Advanced Protocol Calls aspect of the Platinum group teaches practitioners that healing requires going above and beyond generic protocols. It offers the tools and wisdom to see each patient’s individual wants and needs, and how to tailor a program to the case at hand. Thanks to the mentorship of field experts like Dr. Pompa and the community, the Platinum practitioners are able to serve their patients and the world in a groundbreaking way. No case is too hard for this community of passionate functional medicine leaders.


Although many people may have decades of experience in one narrow field, the Platinum practitioners group opens up the door for wisdom and experience in multi-therapeutic, functional medicine approaches. The Advance Protocol Calls teaches practitioners to see beyond protocols and harness the power of truth and innovation to heal. By working together as a community of practitioners and under the direct mentorship of field experts like Dr. Pompa, the Nagel’s were able to expand their practice to help even the hardest cases including neurodegenerative patients and child autism cases. Thanks to the Platinum group, Lee and Erin are able to continuously take on even the most difficult cases, and embody their passion for helping their community turn pain into purpose.

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