With a generation of children growing up sicker than ever, the Platinum Practitioners group was born out of a desire to help re-establish vibrant health for people of all ages. This group known as Health Centers of the Future Platinum Inner Circle is a membership-based community of like-minded practitioners, looking to expand and thrive within their functional medicine practices. Through guidance from expert mentors and an active community of other practitioners, the program addresses everything from business and marketing, to healing protocols, self-development, and more.

This program has a strong set of core values that permeate the course and is genuinely embodied by every one of the guiding practitioners. One of these values is innovation, and today we will explore how the Platinum Inner Circle is paving the way in functional medicine.  

The Sonners’ Story

HCF Platinum Elite Members.

Melissa and Jason Sonners have been at their chiropractic clinic Core Therapies for 15 years before discovering the Platinum group. Although the Sonners’ practice was already very successful, they had hit a plateau both financially and mentally. The majority of their income was coming from one-on-one time with patients, and with only 24 hours in a day– this limited their potential income. They were in a bit of a rut.

Both Melissa and Jason have participated in various coaching programs over the years. However, having reached what they imagined to be a peak success, they didn’t believe that they would be retaking any such courses. “We generally outgrow programs quickly,” Jason explains, “so we sign on for a year, or two years, and in six months, we’re like, all right… I think we’ve had enough of that.” But with the HCF seminars, this power couple has continued to be engaged long past what they had thought would be possible with such a program.

Melissa and Jason joined the Platinum Program during and HCF seminar in Atlanta nearly two years ago. They have been amazed that the truly innovative nature of this program that continues to grow with them.

The Platinum Program In Action

The Sonners’ practice was already a functional medicine clinic, with various practitioners and a wide range of modalities. They had imagined that the areas in which the Platinum membership would help them most would be in the business planning and marketing department. They didn’t expect were how the Platinum group would help them grow in areas they already thought they had mastered.

The Platinum Inner Circle continues to innovate and grow with the practitioners. As a community, members are continuously sharing their methods and success stories with difficult cases and tips and tricks in all areas of functional medicine. The program itself is not rigid. When a practitioner is faced with a new challenge, the Platinum community, comes together to help solve the problem.

Mentors like Dr. Dan Pompa, Warren Phillips, David Asarnow, Andrea Siebert, and Kristin Knudson have played an impactful role in helping guide and inspire Jason and Melissa. Their guidance over the past two years has helped them take their success to the next level.

The Platinum group opened up their practice to channels of income they hadn’t ever considered. Since going Platinum, Melissa and Jason have been able to grow their revenue significantly. They’ve done so through several one-on-one mentorships, business coaching, winning marketing strategies, tips shared from the community, and more.

Innovation At Its Core

“Every seminar, every few months, HCF continues to add to what they’re delivering. And so what we signed on for two years ago isn’t the same program today, it’s so much more. It keeps growing in terms of the people involved, and it keeps growing in terms of the value that they’re delivering. I’m part of a group that wants to grow as quickly as we like to grow”.

Jason Sonners

Unlike other groups, the Platinum format isn’t a stagnant package of information. The members communicate with the Platinum team, and it adapts and grows with its members. When their members are faced with a challenge in their businesses, the Platinum team goes to work to help them turn these roadblocks into opportunities for growth.

“This is a forever program, Melissa says passionately, I will (hands down) sign that. I’m here forever. And that has never happened, ever”.

Through exploring modalities, they hadn’t given much thought to, like marketing and business strategizing, the Sonners’ success has skyrocketed. 

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned functional medicine practitioner, the program meets you where you are and helps you grow in all areas. Jason explains that “most programs are so focused on just protocols, or just business, or just marketing. Or it’s such a finite amount of information, which is great and helpful [for a certain amount of time]. But when you’re incorporating, all of them together, [the growth is] just exponential”.

This community is much more than just some self-development group. From the seminars to the one-on-one phone calls, speakers, team dinners, and events, the Platinum community is a family that is truly investing in seeing all of its members thrive. This team of seasoned functional medicine practitioners is here to grow with you and lead the field of modern healthcare.

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