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Cellular Healing Diet Book 50 Count

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“Start today and make your weight loss and health goals a reality! “I have tried other diets and failed…on the Cellular Healing Diet I not only lost 146 pounds in one year, but also all my high risk blood work is now normal.” Richard Brooks

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This popular resource guide containing everything you need to successfully correct your fat loss hormones using Dr. Pompa’s “Cellular Healing Diet” to burn fat, lose weight and get your sustained energy back. With instructional FREE CD on diet and why weight loss resistance and health challenges are not your fault.

With this guide you will be able to MAXIMIZE YOUR HEALTH utilizing:

  • Three Basic Diet Changes
  • Five Basics of the Cellular Healing Diet
  • Included 78 mnute Cellular Healing Diet Audio CD
  • Complete Food and Food Resource Lists
  • Cooking/Eating Tips and Fat Facts
  • Over 90 Advanced/Cellular Healing Diet Recipes
  • Meal Ideas and 7-Day Meal Plan


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