HCF Seminars

About HCF Seminars

HCF Seminars was birthed out of a desire to educate and train health care practitioners, chiropractors, students and medical doctors who will stand in the gap between the modern day epidemic of disease and the patients they serve to offer true answers to the question, “why am I sick?”

HCF Seminars does not require massive marketing efforts of the practitioner to get new patients. It does, however, require one thing; to see your clients get completely well!

HCF Seminars teaches their protocols and marketing strategies to 100’s of doctors around the world in cities such as Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York and Minneapolis year-round. These seminars feature multiple speakers including Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.PSc., Warren Phillips, David Asarnow and health experts such as Dr. Alan R. Vinitsky, M.D., Dr. Martin L. Pall Ph.D., Dr. Patrick Gentempo, D.C., Dr. Shayne Morris, Ph.D. and many more!