Practitioner Testimonials

Extremely motivating but also gave us the information to fine tune and see our mistakes, so we can redo and move forward!

Dr. Manuel F.

My clinic had its highest grossing week ever, congratulations to you and me!

Dr. Diana G.

The systems are in place, the ease of this makes life easier and you don’t know how to accomplish that until you go to one of HCF’s seminars!

Dr. Sean S.

My practice is growing! I’ve gotten so much out of these seminars, the systems, putting all this in place and the value of what I do! I’ve been inspired by you HCF Seminars!

Dr. Leslie S.

This program has revolutionized my practice and patients! We are leaders in our industry and all referral-based!

Dr. Suzy Y.

Thanks HCF Seminars, your program rocks! I have already generated over 20 new patients since your seminar!

Dr. CJ T.

What good is understanding the answer if we aren’t getting the truth out there!  Even hope has to be marketed and HCF Seminars knows how to get it done!

Dr. Werner M.

Life changing! A God-inspired program for healing!

Dr. Deborah L.

After stopping my practice for over 3 years, HCF inspired me to use my God-given talent to help change lives. I never dreamed that HCF could ignite my passion and give me the tools to set up a new successful practice in just a few months. I will be forever grateful to the team that gave me the courage to open my doors again!

Dr. Kristin R.

This seminar (Vegas 2013) was excellent! I go to a lot of good seminars and I haven’t seen anyone do what was given by Dr. Pompa and his staff!

Dr. Vernon R.

This seminar (Vegas 2013) blends procedure and implementation seamlessly, as a Doctor I can easily start this work on Monday!

Dr. James B.

I’ve been buzzing for the last week that something big and life changing was going to come out of this weekend! I believe it was the Holy Spirit leading us to become VIP’s! BOOM! We’re in!

Jay J.

I came looking for answers to break out of a model ran by Scientology concepts, as a Christian I needed to break out of that and find a model that could give me new answers to help more people and myself. I suffer from mercury toxicity and have been fighting for the last 3 years to get better. I am so pleased that God directed me to come and get answers and find such a great Christian environment.

Martin J.

The first time I heard Dr. Pompa speak, I knew he had the explanations and answers I was looking for! When I attended his seminar I was blown away! HCF Seminars business program is also very helpful, which teaches you how to implement these nutrition and detox programs. You can make the changes in a week, and it will build your income, your reputation and your confidence.

Dr. Barbara J.

HCF Seminars technology absolutely transformed my life and health! I was able to overcome a lot of health challenges through them, as well as my patients!

Dr. Issac J

Dr. Pompa is one of the most caring, energetic and knowledgeable people I know, and have the pleasure of calling my friend!!! His passion for helping others achieve high levels of success in all aspects of their lives is second to none. His work has had such a major impact on me and my family and I consider it an honor to be able to help others the way Dr. Pompa has helped us.

Dr. Patrick N.

We came to HCF in April. We loved what we heard and were very familiar with much of the information. We went back into the practice, listened to the HCF videos, met with the labs that HCF uses and began using them. When we came back this weekend, we spoke with the Doctors involved and were very inspired by their stories. Hearing more about procedures, accountability and headspace excited us and we were ready to jump on board.

Dr. Debra C. & Dr. Joseph C.

Within the last month, I have hosted seminars reaching over 50 attendees, seen over 20 new patients and I am currently working with 10 committed patients that are getting their lives back! Thank you HCF Seminars for the passion and vision you have to truly give people hope and lead them to a life of greatness!

Dr. Sarah E.

HCF’s seminars are some of the best I’ve ever been to.  No one puts it together like HCF.  From marketing, to getting those patients in, changing your head space, how to charge for it, the protocols, etc. They are much simpler and much easier to understand for doctors and patients!

Dr. Brant L.

I need to take action now! Value in self and what to offer in my practice – 2014 will be my best year yet!

Dr. Lori S.

I feel this is the answer I have been looking for, for 36 years. All of the other management teams had lots to say but nothing like I got in the first 3 days alone.

Dr. Jim D.

This seminar (Vegas 2013) is a wonderful “boost” for me and one road trip. Where we need to focus to really move forward into an exceptional year and truly uplift what we have been working on the past 8 months.

Dr. Melvin M.

HCF Seminars is worth millions and how personally seeing the doctors doing this first hand!

Dr. George B.

A great value-informant I can implement today! A surge in my confidence to become three-precenter!

Donna H.

I gained a feeling of hope to continue my recovery, building my health with this seminar (Vegas 2-13) and a value in myself! I knew I was meant to do things differently; my pain is leading me to this purpose (mission). Empowered to move forward and take massive action! Thank you, Dr. Pompa and Dr. Davidson!

Dr. Scott R.

Three weeks ago I had never even heard of HCF Seminars. Through a series of events and after searching on the internet I found an amazing program. I truly believe God had his hand in me being here. This is no doubt the most complete seminar I have ever been to!

Dr. Chris J.

I have been to so many nutrition seminars- 1st time when hearing Dr. Pompa’s approach and protocols, it finally make sense! It is so do-able. I can tell patients with confidence we have a solution that will work and not keep them running in circles!

Dr. Faith S.

Dr. Pompa has an unique way of delivering information that is cutting edge yet understandable. We have personally known Dr. Pompa for over seven years and are always amazed at his knowledge of the physiology of the human body. By implementing his protocols in our office we have helped save the lives of hundreds of patients. We are so grateful to Dr. Pompa for saving our lives! This goes without saying how our practice has grown by leaps and bounds by implementing these procedures in our office.

Dr. Chad H. & Dr. Teresa H.

The value of the information in this seminar was readily at least ten times what I paid to attend. Dr. Pompa is very knowledgeable and encouraging. My only regret is not attending HCF earlier in my career!

Dr. Tamara S.