HCF Graphics Testimonials

HCF Graphics has helped me create a professional brand! I’ve been very pleased with my logos and Eventbrite™ ads that keep my practice image looking fresh and professional. Now I don’t have to spend hours trying to create these ads myself, I can focus on helping and educating my patients while the HCF Graphics team ensures I get the message out in a professional way. Thank you!

Dr. Leona A.

The diabetes ad that I ran recently was a home run. Tara did an awesome job of creating an esthetically, great looking ad, but more importantly knew what pertinent information to include. She knows which graphics grab the reader’s attention, and which ones to avoid. Don’t waste your time and money trying to create an ad on your own ad. Leave it to a professional who knows how to target our market.

Dr. Kenneth H.

Coming up with a logo for a new business is tough. Not being very artistic, I tend to rely on those who are gifted in such areas. I faced this dilemma after being accepted into the VIP program with HCF.  I haven’t had the need for a business logo in almost 27 years. It was recommended to me to use the creative services of Tara at HCF, whom specializes in graphic design. The examples that I received were very professionally done and I couldn’t be happier. Tara was a joy to work with, and fast. I had examples to choose from the very next day. If you are in need of a logo or a design for your new business, I highly recommend Tara, the Creative Director for HCF Graphics!

Dr. Andrew M.

I had my logo designed by HCF and received amazing customer service. There were multiple tweaks as I decided what I truly wanted to get to the perfect logo! Thank you so much for the professional design!

Dr. Jay D.